Vendor Agreement Of Flipkart

By | October 13, 2021

Excluding oneself from any liability arising from such transactions, including counterparty (payment) liabilities in connection with transactions, is of the utmost importance to avoid any undesirable disruption to the business. For example, Flipkart deviates from any liability arising from the lack of authorization for transactions, payment problems resulting from the operation, refusal of the transaction for other reasons, etc. Considering that there are hundreds of online platform start-ups, it is important to protect the interests of suppliers and customers in order to create a stable and profitable presence in the market. To attract sellers, the agreement must therefore include clauses relating to the “protection of the seller”. For example, Flipkart has a “Seller Protection Program” that creates a “Seller Protection Fund” from which adequate compensation is paid to sellers in the event of fraudulent customer claims, return of damaged products, loss of goods during transportation, etc. It is very important to discuss in the agreement the scenarios in which the seller must refund, accept returns, offer refunds and cancel orders placed by buyers. For example, Amazon requires a seller to accept returns, offer refunds, or cancel orders if the seller can`t fulfill the order, the buyer doesn`t receive the order, or the buyer files an “A-z guarantee,” etc. A clear mechanism for the same helps online platforms maintain their reputation in the market and regain the trust of buyers. Another important aspect that needs to be covered by the contract between a supplier and an online platform is the shipping and delivery method…