Metro Project Labor Agreement

By | September 27, 2021

In addition to studies that investigate the use of ASA and its effects, reports detailing the history of PLA use and the arguments for and against their use are available. Among the reports that study the history of LA use is a 2001 California State Library report, done for the California State Council, that tells the story of ASAs in California and uses case studies to study the characteristics of public and private CCAs. [108] In a 2001 University of Pennsylvania Journal of Law article, the author describes the arguments on both sides of the PLAs and assesses the state of the law since the Boston Harbor decision in 1993. v. Massachusetts, 471 U.S., at 748, we said, “The court articulated two principles of preemption different from the NLRA.” The first, “Garmon Pre-emption,” see San Diego Building Trades Council v. .