International Multiple Rights Distribution Agreement

By | September 24, 2021

(Page 5 of 5 in total) [27] Any dispute, with the exception of copyright arising out of this Agreement, including, but not limited to, validity, interpretation, 14(ii) purchase or distributor logo before or after the end of the image; (iii) change the title of the image after receipt of the licensor`s notification of authorisation; (iv) synchronize or subtitle the image, but only in the permitted language(s); and (v) to accept the inclusion of commercial advertisements in the image by a broadcaster when using free television licences, but only on matters reasonably defined by the licensor. (d) restrictions: in the exercise of allied rights, the distributor may not: (i) modify or delete the credit, logo or copyright notices, patents or trademarks appearing on the image; (ii) contain advertisements or any other material before, during or after the image, with the exception of the distributor`s credit or logo, an authorized anti-piracy warning or authorized advertisements, as provided for in this Agreement; (iii) Modify, replace, synchronize or delete any rights management information appearing on a copy of the image provided by Licensor, without prior notice of Licensor`s consent, or (iv) modify, replace, synchronize or delete music or text without prior notice of Licensor`s consent. (e) no accidental omission: an accidental failure, on behalf of the distributor, to meet the requirements referred to in paragraphs (a). and (b) does not find a material breach of this Agreement, provided that distributor makes every right of its power to remedy such error prospectively after notification by licensor. (5) ZONE AND REGION (a) Zone: Zone means the countries or territories listed in the Contractual Terms, as defined in the IFTA TM International Schedule of Suggested Territories and Regions and the date of entry into force of this Agreement. (b) non-contiguous areas: embassies, military and State entities, oil and maritime drilling platforms, airlines in flight and offshore vessels flying the flag of a country but not within its adjacent geographical boundaries. The zone does not cover non-contiguous zones of other foreign countries located within the territory. However, for non-theatrical, commercial rights of video, airlines and ship licensing, the zone shall cover the non-contiguous areas of each country in the region, to the extent necessary for the exploitation of such rights. (c) Boundary changes: if, during the term of the Agreement, an area separates from a country in the territory, it shall still comprise the entire territory which constituted a political entity on the date of entry into force of this Agreement. If, during the lifetime, a territory is connected to a country in the territory, the licensor shall grant the distributor the right of first negotiation to acquire the rights granted to the image until the end of the term of the contract in the newly annexed territory, to the extent that such rights are or become available.

(d) Region: the region is the part of the world where the territory is located. The region is defined either in the General Terms and Conditions or in the IFTA TM International Schedule of Suggested Territories and Regions, which is current on the date of entry into force of this Agreement. (e) regionalisation: the image shall be granted only for the use of technological methods in the usual commercial use in the territory during the term of the contract. For example, if PAL is the usual commercial format for videograms in the region, the distributor may only use videograms of the image in PAL format when exercising video license rights. If the licensed video rights contain DVDs as an authorized format, the distributor may only use videograms of the image in the locally encoded regional DVD format. (f) Modifications to the licensed channel: the distributor may only transfer or authorize the image through the initial transmission devices of the licensed channel indicated in the terms of the contract, as they exist on the date of entry into force of this Agreement. . .