If You Don`t Have A Lease Agreement

By | September 23, 2021

Please you can help me and tell me if I am right or if he has the right to keep the deposit. For tenants who do not even have an oral agreement with their landlord, they are still protected by law as long as they regularly pay their rent, as this recognizes that there is a rental agreement. I rent a room to a “friend” who was recently a little gone and her mother, in who who is the name of the house, was a complete cow. I feel like there are 1 of them. Ask me to move or 2.Move my belongings during a work trip. There was nothing signed and no agreed deadline, I did not say more than 6 months. I pay a deduction each month from her account, and she asked me to give her monthly rent if I want to move. Please tell me what my rights are, I am worried that they will pass through my room. The color of the carpet was a neutral beige, so the initial stain resembled that of the water poured on the carpet, as I had removed all the physical remains with paper towels and disposed of them accordingly. He even told me that he himself had poured drinks or water on the carpet many times, so it wasn`t much…