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How Do You Write A Legal Contract Agreement Example

The sale of a larger ticket, such as a mobile home, requires a sales contract for the sole purpose of protecting both parties. For example, you can sell the mobile home as it is, and you should indicate this in the contract, so that the buyer cannot later say that something was broken, but that it was… Read More »


Hodeidah Agreement In Yemen

“We are facing a crucial moment for the fate of war and we need to think about the realities and opportunities that now define our chances of taking a step towards peace,” he said. As confirmed by senior coalition officials, the transfer of some coalition forces to parts of Yemen must place “peace first” at the heart… Read More »


Gs Collective Agreement

The employer considers that the SV agreement is a successful agreement that does not require major changes. As a result, the employer is presenting a reduced set of proposals that includes modest economic increases and changes to leave plans that are tailored to what was agreed with 34 other groups in the current round of bargaining. The… Read More »