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Enom Registration Agreement

Gen.xyz is a reseller of ENom, Inc. (“eNom”) and internet.bs (“IBS”). eNom is the registrar of all domain names registered on this site before 29.10.15 01:59 UTC, and IBS is the registrar of all domain names registered through this site after 29.10.15 02:00 UTC. By accepting these Terms, you agree to Enom`s Registration Terms which you will… Read More »


Effective Salary Sacrifice Agreement Template

She also makes after-tax (personal) super-contributions of $5400 per year. Carol negotiates the replacement of after-tax super-contributions with salary (pre-tax) expenses. Carol`s salary for the next fiscal year will therefore be reduced to $54,600 and her employer will make a pre-tax super-contribution of $US 5400. Payroll tax is payable at $60,000 (i.e. a salary of US$54,600 plus… Read More »