British Columbia Crown Counsel Association Agreement

By | September 12, 2021

2. Every Crown attorney is entitled to represent the Crown in all jurisdictions relating to the prosecution of criminal offences. (c) the prosecution of offences initiated or executed by persons other than the Crown attorney and, where the interests of justice so require, to intervene and implement such proceedings. 3 (1) Subject to Division 2, the BCCCA and the Government may amend the Crown Counsel Agreement by mutual agreement. Mark Levitz, Q.C. is trial and appel line counsel at the Criminal Appeals and Special Prosecutions Office in Vancouver. He specialized in organized crime and wiretapping. He has worked in Asia in corporate law and in Vancouver in civil litigation. In February 2009, he was appointed Queen`s Counsel.

4. The Attorney General may establish an appeal procedure in which law enforcement officers may appeal the decision of a Crown attorney or special prosecutor not to authorize prosecutions. 4 (1) The ADAG may designate as “crown counsel” any class of persons legally entitled to practise in British Columbia. Kevin Westell is a founding partner of Pender Litigation. In addition to his criminal and regulatory defence work, he is often employed as a Crown prosecutor, witness counsel in criminal proceedings and amicus curiae. He has represented clients across Canada and at all levels of court in British Columbia. (3) Subject to the instructions of the ADAG or another Crown attorney designated by the ADAG, every Crown attorney is entitled to have Rebecca McConchie be a criminal lawyer with Peck and Company Barristers in Vancouver, B.C. She was appointed as a bar in 2012 and began her practice in a criminal defense company in Toronto. She returned to her hometown of Vancouver and joined Peck and Company in 2015. Rebecca represents clients accused of criminal and administrative offences, both at trial and appeal level.

She is also a lawyer in quasi-criminal cases, such as for example. B in criminal and professional discipline cases. Rebecca is particularly interested in constitutional litigation and criminal law and policy. Rebecca is a member of the Canadian Bar Association, the British Columbia Association of Lawyers and the Aid Lawyers Association. “Crown Counsel Agreement” means the agreement entered into by the Government and the BCCCA on 5 January 2001 pursuant to section 4.1 of the Crown Counsel Act and extended until 31 March 2005 pursuant to Article 3 of this Agreement. Jennifer was a lawyer in the BC Attorney`s Office prior to her appointment. Her crown prosecutor career began in 1999 and she has worked in almost every aspect of the prosecution, including youth, arraignment, pickton`s prosecution and administrative work as well as trials…