Agreement Of India

By | September 9, 2021

Since India had not signed the agreement before, the Indian military had purchased U.S. platforms without its own communications equipment from the U.S., such as the C-130 Hercules special aircraft and the Globemaster C-17 strategic air carriers. Among the prisoners of war, 195 Pakistani military officers detained in India were identified as the main suspects of war crimes. Pakistan insisted that they be released as one of its main demands. It urged several Muslim countries to hold back bangladesh`s recognition until the 195 officers were released. [7] India supported his repatriation to Pakistan. In the text of the agreement, Kamal Hossain, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh, said that the treaty entered into force on August 8, 1973 and ended on July 1, 1974. As part of the agreement, UNHCR monitored the repatriation of citizens from Bangladesh and Pakistan. According to the UN, 121,695 Bengals have been relocated from Pakistan to Bangladesh.

Among these were senior Bengali officials and military officers. . . .