Agreement Between Fund Manager And Investor

By | September 9, 2021

Advisors, once referred to as “fund managers` pimps,” need to be vigilant of directors. If a manager is seriously below average, it is the administrators who are in the line of fire. Many will then pay attention to the roles of their other advisors, such as consultants, when they decide to appoint the underperforming manager. It is important that the role and obligations of the advisor be clearly defined in his or her letter of commitment to the Fund. Check for example: – More and more, those who are not in favor of email are called “luddites”. In a world where paper is increasingly fashionable, it is fashionable to give instructions via email. This is not without risks for both parties. Some leaders insist that the losses be compensated. Another question is: what will happen if the manager does not reach the performance goal? Is there a recovery of the tax? In other words, no risk control or performance statement in the legal agreement guarantees a level of performance of the Fund! Despite my concerns, this may be an area where pensionable agents find that their members are interested. It would be interesting to read, at next year`s conference, the SRI guidelines of the pension funds of the various major retailers, and then compare and compare the performance of the respective funds. .