A Media Fabrica Presentation EPISODE 11: BAND OF BROTHERS [December 22, 2020]

By | February 9, 2021

In episode 11 of Your Life Depends on it, Taylor Hanson (of Hanson) discusses the devastation of food deserts in rural areas and his work fighting them with Food on the Move.  In a follow-up on the Three Things about Everything blog, Dr. Dave Schneider goes deeper into the Oklahoma native’s incredible mission while exploring the royalty structure within the music industry and the undeniably unique history of Taylor’s home state.


Dr. Dave Schneider hosts musician and recording artist Taylor Hanson to discuss the creative process when working with family and his efforts to eradicate hunger in Oklahoma.


Host Mark Steele and resident expert Dr. Dave Schneider, M.D., interview musician and recording artist Taylor Hanson. Taylor has spent the last 25 years of his life creating music with his brothers as a member of the superstar band, Hanson. When Taylor isn’t touring and releasing albums, he is working on eradicating hunger within his home state of Oklahoma.

Taylor talks to us about his work with Food On the Move, an organization fighting to solve the predicament of food deserts. He discusses his life mission of building bridges and not walls, to bring people together instead of separating us. This philosophy begins within his own family.

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