Hop Jam canceled for 2021, but asking fans to keep buying local brews, supporting music

By | January 27, 2021


Hop Jam (File)

Hop Jam has quickly become known as one of the biggest and best parties in town. It’s something Taylor Hanson takes immense pride in.

“You see behind me, this is one of my music spaces and office here. I’m very proud of Hop Jam, thinking about the years we’ve done it. The Hop Jam has an identity and a personality and it’s very much a champion of the community it’s a part of,” said Hanson.

The Hansons and other organizers had to pull the plug on the 2020 event due to the pandemic. Now, 2021 is falling victim as well.

“The uncertainty of 2021 is still out there for a large scale event like Hop Jam. Making the difficult decision to say, you know what, let’s look forward to 2022,” he said.

Hop Jam is not as simple as setting up a stage and inviting some bands to play and breweries to sell beer. It’s a lot of moving parts, very few of which can be guaranteed.

“You sort of build a city in a day and tear it down. You have staff, guests, music fans, brewers, you have food and beverage, you have security,” said Hanson.

So 2022 it is, but Hanson is asking everyone to not wait until then to give your business to these businesses and bands that could really use a hand,

“We’re hoping that everyone stays in that headspace so that we can continue to have that incredible collection, not just for brewers and music from all over the country and world, but make sure that we have a really strong and robust craft brew industry that’s calling Oklahoma home,” Hanson said.

As for Hop Jam 2022…

“It’s hard to believe we can even possibly be thinking about this much time passing, I know everyone is thinking you kind of want to pinch yourself, but we are all going to be ready to get together and celebrate.”

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