HANSON: New HANSON Day 2021 Schedule

By | January 25, 2021

2021 has us thinking on the future of music events and all the things we hope to do with the Hanson.net community in the future. Here’s a look back at Hanson Day 2019, live at Cain’s Ballroom.

2021 is a new year, and with it we are excited to share a brand-new schedule of events for HANSON Day, coming February 15th.

For years HANSON Day weekend has marked the start of our year, with the celebration of the band’s anniversary, the release of new music, and projects and events of all kinds.

2020 was a landmark year for Hanson.net with more different projects than ever before. In 2020, we launched a new website and media player, shared the 20th video series, HTP, HNet Explorer and released of our longest member’s EP to date (Continental Breakfast in Bed) and closed out the year with four months of streaming concerts and nightcaps. As we look forward to our Islands and a Stream shows this weekend, we are thinking about how all these experiences might make HANSON Day 2021 better for all of you. This means we’re starting from scratch and planning a weekend with new events and more online content than ever before and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

NOTE: If you are currently holding a ticket for a HANSON Day 2021 event, over the next two weeks we will be automatically refunding all ticket purchases.

Member Exclusive:

Join HANSON for a special weekend of streaming music live from 3CG studios. All you need to do to watch is be a Hanson.net member!
Friday, January 29th, tune in for a special concert bringing together three solo sets from Isaac, Taylor and Zac, something never before seen outside the Island. Saturday, January 30th, enjoy a HANSON Acoustic Concert, all in celebration of Back To The Island 2021 and 2022.
“We have had some amazing times at BTTI over the years, and even though we are not going to Jamaica this year, we want to celebrate all the good times and share our excitement for going back in 2022.” – Zac
  • Friday, January 29th – BTTI Solo Acoustic Concert 7PM CT
  • Saturday, January 30th – BTTI Acoustic Concert 7PM CT

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Have questions about HANSON Day Refunds? Check out the News and Refunds FAQ.


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