Hanson 2020 Year In Review

By | December 31, 2020


2020 started off pretty quiet in the Hanson Camp, with promises of lots of music and concerts to come! Islanders received their back to the island itineraries. The odds were not in our favor when Hanson.net once again crashed while we tried to buy tickets for Hanson Day.  Valentine’s day merchandise was released – 2 new t-shirts, 1 new long sleeved shirt, a kids sweatshirt and 3 mugs.  A String Theory show in July in Michigan was announced.   Back to the Island kicked off at Melia Braco Village in Jamaica.


Back to the Island continued in Jamaica.  Isaac debuted a new song, Your Eyes. Hanson.net members were treated to a new pin for Valentine’s Day. Hanson’s show with the Beach Boys at the Iowa State Fair was announced.


Hanson completed the recording for Against the World! Dates for Back to the Island 2021 were announced along with the resort – back to Jewel Paradise Cove!  Taylor turned 37 and treated us to a song on his instagram. (Sound Like Joy) Hanson Day and Hop Jam were postponed to May 2021 due to COVID-19 concerns.  All purchased tickets will transfer and refunds are available for those who would be unable to attend in 2021. Hanson performed Been There Before from home for an ACL Radio stream. Isaac treated fans to “Quaran-streams” on his Instagram.  Taylor joined Awolnation on Instagram Live 3/24 to chat about quarantine, life and to sing Been There Before.  Isaac’s quaranstreams continued. Hanson performed as part of Fader’s Digital FORT.  Hanson.net turned 20!


Isaac continued his quaranstreams. Taylor started “HomeJam” with his first special guest Milck and sang “These Walls”  We got more details about HDay 2020 and online content and found out the Members EP would be called “Continental Breakfast in Bed” and contain 7 tracks – one for each continent – instead of the usual 5. Taylor had another Home Jam with Ryan of Guster and performed “I’ve Been Down” before technical difficulties ended the stream early. Taylor’s 3rd stream featured Jaret of Bowling For Soup.  A show in Glen Allen, VA was announced for the end of July. Hanson supported MusiCares by participating in the Loop.TV Festival streaming a short set.


Back to the Island 2021 went on sale.  Hanson performed “I Was Born” and “Penny and Me” for HARKchella.  Virtual Hanson Day kicked off with the Hanson Time Podcast.  Hanson did a Billboard Live stream to raise money for MusiCares and despite technical difficulties did a 4 song set of “If Only” “This Time Around” “Wish That I Was There” and “Lost Without Each Other” and also part of Dr Pepper’s theme song.  The guys participated in “Sessions” for the grammys on twitch performing “Been There Before” and “A Song to Sing”  Continental Breakfast in Bed videos were posted daily starting May 15th with the progress of the EPs writing and recording. Taylor appeared on a stream for The SIMS Foundation with Carlos Sosa, who had toured with the band for the Finally It’s Christmas tour, and performed Weird, Save Me, Penny & Me and debuted the new EP song – All I Know. The Glen Allen, VA show was postponed to October.


The HTPs continued! The band took a stand against systemic racism after the killing of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter protests.  A pinterest account divided the fandom. Shout It Out turned 10. Disney World canceled their Eat to the Beat concert series. The Iowa State Fair show with the Beach Boys was postponed to 2021.


A new Hanson.net was launched that was more mobile friendly.  HTP podcasts continued.  Hanson.net members went on an “HNet Explorer” pin scavenger hunt to get used to the new website.  The new Members EP “Continental Breakfast (in bed)” was released to members with a special listening party as well as digital downloads. Taylor hosted “Healing Together: Conversation and Music” to help support Musicares.  The October 1 show in Virginia was postponed with a new date for 2021 hopefully to come.


Hanson continued to celebrate the fanclub’s 20th anniversary by having 2 new song videos every week on the site.  A Live Streaming Tour announcement was announced.  Back to the Island 2021 was rescheduled to 2022.  The Hanson.net HNet Explorer fun ended.  Physical copies of Continental Breakfast (in bed) shipped! New CBIB themed merch was released. The band premiered the song “Dressed in Brown Eyes” on YouTube with a chat and a new video kicking off the release of music videos for all 7 tracks – 3 of which would be released for the public.


Hanson announced their Live Streaming Concert Series with a trio of concerts once a month in October, November, December and January.  Limited in person tickets were available for the shows being recorded and streaming LIVE from Cain’s Ballroom.  Those who purchase access to the streams had ON DEMAND access for 48 hours.  The theme for the October shows was “Live & Electric Revisited” as October 11, 2005 was when the album was released, which happens to fall during the weekend the shows are happening. Taylor and his wife Natalie announced they were expecting their 7th child in December.  Hanson did an interview with Fearne Cotton.  Taylor spoke out about Save our Stages in Oklahoma City.  Isaac selling his 22 year old car made the news.


The Live Streaming Concert Series concerts were performed – including a new cover of “It’s Your Thing”. The hansonstage site got a new look and some other updates. Taylor spoke about Radiohead’s Kid A album turning 20.  Taylor was featured on the Speed of Sound podcast in 2 episodes.  The Live Stream after party DJ’d by Taylor teased a new Hanson song and album release for November. Hanson was featured on Johnnyswim’s Live from the Backyard. Zac turned 35.


The Live Streaming Concert series continued with a “new” album release of Perennial – 20 previously fan club only releases and the new song, “Nothing Like a Love Song.”  Hanson did an interview with Radio.com.  Isaac made the news after a couple of emotional instagram posts related to Covid and Christmas. Taylor was on the Uncool with Alexa Bliss podcast.  Vice released an article about the division of the fan base and “Hansongate”.  Hanson performed a streamed concert for #InRecognitionOf for Veteran’s Day. Isaac turned 40.


The Christmas Ball Live Streaming Concerts were performed.  It was announced Taylor and Natalie’s 7th child would be a girl and Nameberry hosted a name guessing contest.  On December 7th, they welcomed Maybellene Alma Joy Hanson. Voting for the January “Listener’s Choice” themed shows was underway on Twitter and encores on Hanson.net.  Taylor performed a concert at Food on the Move (12/22)

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