New Features! First & Last Heard Live

By | July 3, 2020

Hansonstage began because I wanted to keep track of how many times I had heard each song live and figured if it was something I was looking for, other fans might be too.  One thing I had been keeping track of as well, but lost track of once the music catalog got larger and larger, was the first time I had heard a song live.  Due to a “happy little accident” (thanks, Bob Ross!) when coding, in addition to listing the first time you heard a song live the site also shows the last time you heard it live (as long as you have heard it more than once.)

I also did some general layout cleanup to try and get things a big more organized and orderly. (See screenshots below.) Keep in mind, this information can only be pulled from the setlists we have in the database so if we are missing some of your first concerts setlists (especially the case if your first shows were in ’98 or ’00) your list will be pulled from what shows we do have.

If you think your list is incorrect, please cross reference it with the setlists first.  Just because you don’t remember hearing a song, doesn’t mean the site is wrong 😉  If after double checking you do still notice any issues, email  Issues will be worked through on a first come, first serve basis from this email account only.

There will be a “loading” bar/pause if your show list takes longer to load.   These changes can be seen through the ‘what songs have you heard live’ part of the site as well as individual username links.

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