Hanson, Dawes and Alexander 23 to appear on streamed music festival Sessions to raise funds for coronavirus relief

By | May 20, 2020


Hanson [Photo provided]

Oklahoma band Hanson will appear on this week’s The Truideation and Twitch collaborative streaming music festival Sessions.

So far, the show has seen more than 1.5 million unique views and a multitude of larger than life performances from artists as diverse as Lucinda Williams to JOJO to Allie X to CAM, according to a news release.

Now in its third week, Sessions has announced Hanson, Alexander 23, Dawes, Matthew Ramsey of Old Dominion, Sofi Tukker and Sam Nelson Harris of X Ambassadors as its lineup for it upcoming show at 3 p.m. Wednesday.

Hosted by Hannah Rad, the festival will feature performances and conversation live exclusively on Twitch – link HERE – and will benefit the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund, according to the news release.

Viewers can contribute to the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund via a “DONATE HERE” button or online at tiltify.com/@sessions/sessions.

MusiCares was established by the Recording Academy as a safety net in times of need for the music community. MusiCares offers confidential preventive, recovery, and emergency programs to address financial, medical, and personal health issues. Spotify will match all donations made as well, according to the news release.

Streaming gear partner Logitech is providing Blue Yeti X microphones and Logitech 4k Brio webcams to artists, while esports Streaming Partner Waveform Entertainment will ensure that the sound and visuals are optimal and broadcast standard.

Over their first 25 years as the band Hanson, brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson have made a significant mark in music. Starting in 1992, they spent their first five years building a fan base as an independent band in their hometown of Tulsa, where the sibling trio is still based.

After signing a record deal, Hanson saw a meteoric rise with the 1997 international smash single “MMMBop,” from the band’s debut album “Middle Of Nowhere,” followed by consecutive top 40 singles. A long line of hits, five more studio albums, multiple Grammy nominations and more than 16 million album sales followed.

Over its second decade, the band charted its own course, running an independent label while maintaining a coveted connection with a global fan base.

In 2007, Hanson launched a grassroots campaign to support poverty and HIV/AIDS relief in Africa at TakeTheWalk.net. In 2013, they launched Hanson Brothers Beer, premiering their new venture with a signature Pale Ale, Mmmhops, and in 2014 they launched the successful hometown Hop Jam Beer and Music Festival, which boasts 40,000 attendees annually.

The 2020 Hop Jam was originally scheduled to take place Sunday but was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The good news amidst all the chaos is we have the opportunity to plan and prepare for Hop Jam 2021, and use the time to cultivate the best gathering of craft beer and music we have ever assembled, so put it on your calendar – Hop Jam returns 23 May 2021,” the Hop Jam Team wrote a statement on the event’s website.

For more information, go to www.thehopjam.com.

To read my 2019 Hop Jam interview with Taylor Hanson, click here.

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