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By | April 16, 2020


This week we are putting Our heads together for the new podcast for Hnet members. Excited to share with you in May.


Even though we are all spending our days at home, we want to encourage everyone to enjoy the increasingly beautiful weather! Open a window or get out on the porch, or take a little time to walk through the woods and be reminded how long the world has been turning, how floods and famines will come and go, but life goes on and time stops for no one. Life is not operating as usual, but for some of us that might mean new opportunities to be the person you never had time to be, or conquer the project you never thought you could. We are getting ready to start the HANSON Time podcasts on May 6th, and we are hoping as many members as possible will weigh in on their favorite themes by voting. Go to the HNet blog in the HANSON Ask section and make a selection.

Looking out into the future, we have been working away trying to put together all the details for Back To The Island 2021 and we are very nearly ready to announce when and how Hanson.net members can buy their tickets. Keep an eye on your inbox for an announcement in the next few days and start planning for a little fun in the sun in 2021.

We have added more special performances of Hanson.net music this week and will continue all throughout April, so make sure you check the Hanson.net blog to see what you might have missed, and let us serenade you from the shower… gotta love that natural reverb. Stay strong, and spread the love.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac


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