Hanson Year in review 2019

By | December 31, 2019


Things were a bit quiet in early January, with BTTI being pushed back to the end of the month.  Mid-January the schedule for the yearly beach retreat was released with details on themes such as “Rock All Night” “String Theory” and “Members Only” they also announces a “What is String Theory Q&A” activity.   Dates for Hanson Day 2019 were released.


BTTI was underway. New songs “This is Criminal” and “Reading Your Mind” were debuted.  We also found out “Reading Your Mind” and “The Battle of Seymour Better Times” would be featured on the members EP.  The Hop Jam festival date was announced. HDAY19 schedule of events were announced and Hanson.net crashed when trying to deal with the popularity of tickets for the yearly Tulsa event.  It was announced that Hanson would be performing at Basilica Block Party in Minnesota in July. The String Theory Tour made its way to the UK and then Australia.  Hanson filmed an appearance on Neighbours.


Back To The Island 2020 was announced. More Hanson shows in Australia were played – 2 at Melbourne Zoo and 2 String Theory shows at the Sydney Opera House, to single out a few.  Taylor turned 36.  It was announced that Hanson would once again be performing at The Hop Jam. Hanson was announced as a performer at SPARC: Live Art set to happen in June.


It was announced Hanson would be playing the Maryland State Fair in August.  More details for Hanson Day and the Members EP came out via newsletters. The 2nd Firkin Feast was announced.


Even more Hanson Day details came out early in the month.  It was announced Hanson would perform at 2019 Calgary Stampede as well as at Eat To The Beat. Hanson Day 2019 was underway – with 4 consecutive nights of Hanson Music!  Hanson Day 2020 and Hop Jam 2020 dates were announced.  We had 5 new fun Zac “Edible Digital Pants” songs to digest. State of the Band announced not one but TWO new Hanson albums in the works and a full world tour to come in 2020.  An appearance at the Kansas State Fair and Summerfest were announced.


Hanson performed at the MGM Springfield Summer Concert Series. Hanson performed at Summefest in Milwaukee.


A video series from In Real Life, the latest Members Only EP, began to roll out. Hanson performed at the Calgary Stampede and Basilica Block Party. A Hanson cover night “54 Sings Hanson” was announced for an evening in NYC. Hanson hosted a 3rd Hop Jam Brewers Table Dinner.


Hanson’s appearance on Neighbours was aired. Hanson performed in Wilmington DE and at the Maryland State Fair.


Details for the new album “Against the World” started coming out. The Wintry Mix Tour was announced. Hanson performed for the first time in Hawaii and Lake Tahoe.


Zac was injured in a motorcycle crash, breaking several bones. It was announced Hanson would be performing as part of TIC’s All Star Christmas in Connecticut in December.  Zac turned 34.  We found out Dash Hutton would be filling in for Zac on the drums while Zac played front man starting in Atlantic City, NJ.  Hanson played 3 shows for 3 nights straight at EPCOT once again for Eat to the Beat.


The schedule for Hanson Day 2020 and a date for tickets to go on sale was announced. Hanson performed at Mystic Lake in MN, Harrah’s in Kansas City and Harrah’s in Anderson, IN.  Zac was no longer in his sling, but still playing front man until the Wintry Mix tour kicked off a the end of the month.


The Wintry Mix tour continued.  Hanson were a part of TIC’s All Star Christmas. Everyone is anticipating 2020 with the new tour, new album and “hopefully no more children”




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