HANSON: Planning for the future

By | June 8, 2019


Summer is here. A season of getting out on the open road and also a season for looking ahead to the future. Don’t wait for tomorrow.


After years of work, recording a double album, and completing a world tour, we are not ready to see String Theory come to an end. Yes, we are ready to work on what’s next, but String Theory has been a life changing project, one we will never forget, and one we hope we can continue to play for years to come.

During the State of The Band talk at HANSON Day this year, we shared how String Theory has changed the way we are looking at our music, and what projects we want to tackle next.
If every idea was possible what project would you do next?

We want to look out further than we ever have before and both commit to making big creative ideas a reality, and share with you how that future is going to look and sound. If we are going to sing about reaching for the sky, we better do it, and we better bring you all along for the ride. More soon. This weekend we have the privilege of playing String Theory with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. We hope to see you all  there!

Isaac Taylor and Zac

P.S. In the spirit of looking to the future, we are opening the RSVP for HANSON Day weekend today! Join us in Tulsa May 14th-15th-16th 2020. All Hanson.net members are invited to attend. Simply Login, go to the Calendar section and click the RSVP button to let us know you are coming. Look for the full event schedule to be announced later in the year.


HANSON Day 2019 Attendees, we want your opinion about HANSON Day and your overall experience this year. If you haven’t yet filled out the surveys, go to HANSON Asks where you will find 11 surveys covering this year’s events. There’s plenty of room for comments, too.


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