State of the Band Highlights

By | May 24, 2019

String Theory affected how they think about making music going forward
Some of the things they want to do take a long time so they need to start a lot earlier
This year they are planning to make 2 albums (they worry about promising too much)
Planning for the future!
2020 = one album will be released “Against the World” (Hanson: Against the World)
Part of the theme is with the album one of the most comprehensive tours they’ve ever done
2020 – world tour with a new album and a lot more that goes with that
2021 = another album will be released (that’s never happened in the world of Hanson)
Fans have fueled them to set goals and challenge themselves creatively
Still going to make members EPsĀ  = Hanson Overkill
As things work and things don’t work, plans will evolve.
Thursday night they played music from Underneath – 15th anniversary & undearneath acoustic
Some dates at the end of this year – share music live on stage they’ve been writing – more to come
You hopefully won’t have to wait until 2020 to hear what they’ve been working on members can get tickets first needs a facelift – can’t promise to make all of our dreams come true but most of Zac’s will come true when they redesign the website this summer
Whenever it is broken – blame Taylor!
Weekend should now be called Hanson DayZ
Against the World does have a theme but they aren’t ready to share it yet
Digital EPs – could be an option. Not take away physical EPs
Hanson Day 2020 will be May 14, 15, 16

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