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By | May 9, 2019


This week we are sharing a couple cool 360 VR experiences that are going to be a part of this year’s HANSON Day gathering. Just one more way that we are making this the best year yet for members. Zac tested, Brother approved!


HANSON Day is almost here! We are just about a week away, so there is no more time for second guessing, board that plane, get in a car, climb that gangplank, or start hitchhiking, whatever it takes as long as you come to Tulsa and HANSON Day!

Even with all we have shared about HDay so far, we decided to add one more mini event to the schedule. Building off the theme for the 2019 members EP, In Real Life, we have created a VR experience for all of you to enjoy. Members who visit the gallery on Friday, May 18th will have a chance to watch a special video for the song Compromise from the new EP, using a VR head set.  Space will be limited, but don’t fret, we are working on a way to share the video with everyone around the world soon so stay tuned for that. We are thrilled about letting you all see this cool piece of technology, but even more than that we want to get you in on the game.

Throughout the weekend, our friends at Steelhouse Productions will also be capturing footage for a special 360 VR documentary about HANSON and this amazing community of music fans. Keep a look out and you will see them filming during many of the events as well as asking members to share their stories about the way our music has been meaningful in their life throughout the past 27 years.

If you would like to be involved, have a memory or story you would like to share, or have a lyric that exemplifies your connection to HANSON, look for the blog featuring this project on Hanson.net, comment there and maybe your story will become part of the project

We are really looking forward to sharing so much music throughout the festivities with the Storytellers show next Thursday, it’s gonna be a great way to start things off. See you in Tulsa Soon.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac


We have expressed many times how grateful we are for the unique connection we have with you as music fans. In fact, we believe our connection is unparalleled and meaningful compared with the average artist in both directions (let’s be honest, you guys are just really awesome). Apparently, we are not the only ones who recognize that. A few months ago, our good friends at Steelehouse Productions (right here in Tulsa) proposed the idea of  creating a special immersive documentary short to honor that relationship – and they need your help.
Isaac, Taylor and Zac 

For years, I have known the Hanson guys as fellow creatives in Tulsa. Each of us striving to create great work and also stay connected to our roots. With an awareness of the creativity and unique business model they have implemented (and doing a bit of fun work together from time to time), I developed a deeper curiosity as I have observed the exciting and dynamic connection between artist and fan that is not only sustained, but is growing. As the band heads into the busy HANSON Day and Hop Jam week, we asked if  if they would allow us to lean in closer and use storytelling paired with innovative immersive technology to produce a special short documentary. They gave the idea a resounding yes, so we need your Help!
Steelehouse will be all over during the 2019 HANSON Day activities and Hop Jam festival capturing footage for a Virtual Reality Documentary about YOUR STORIES and the connection YOU have to the music of HANSON. Our hope is to interview as many of you as time and festivities permit, so we’re interested to know your stories ahead of time.
Take a few minutes to hop onto the comment section attached to the recent blog and share what makes the Hanson fan experience unique. We would love any fun or meaningful story. The friends you have discovered in this community. The songs that have become inextricably linked to your greatest memories. The lyrics that helped you through life’s toughest moments. The interaction with the band that brought you true community. Get as personal as you want. Our team and Steelehouse will choose several key stories to become on-camera interviews. We look forward to hearing from you – and we can’t wait to see you for HANSON Day NEXT WEEK!


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