HANSON: Melbourne Blast From The Past

By | March 1, 2019


This week we returned to the Palais for our String Theory concert in Melbourne, and inspired by our history in the room with previous concerts going back to 2005, this is a pic from our visit to the stage on the ANTHEM tour.


It is a rare treat to be on tour and get to spend more than a day in the same city, so needless to say our time in Melbourne this week has been a pleasure. Besides the beautiful summer weather and some great food, it just so happens there has been a lot of great music filling the city’s concert halls, and we tend to partake (scoping out the competition). Rufus Wainwright, Arctic Monkeys, Eminem… just to name a few. Though we have been staying busy doing interviews and a guest spot here or there promoting the String Theory Tour, Wednesday we returned to the real reason we traveled all this way, concerts. Our show at the Palais Theater stands as our first symphony show down under and it set a very high bar for the tour to come. Not only was our orchestra one of the best to date, standing on this stage was a blast from HANSON past. The Palais was the venue where we recorded Live & Electric some 14 years ago, and even though we have returned, that is such a strong memory that it always feels surreal to come back to this place. We have two more shows in Melbourne this week (gonna need to pet a furry animal while at the zoo) and then we head to Sydney and the Opera House, Canberra, Gold Coast and Brisbane.

We have been asking for feedback from everyone who attended Back To The Island this year, so make sure to let us know what you thought about the event HERE. We are already thinking about 2020 (more on that very soon) and even if a HANSON brother hosting chicken fights tournament is a guaranteed terrible idea, we would like to hear your thoughts anyway. All the best.

Isaac, Taylor And Zac