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By | November 29, 2018


This post was originally on my personal blog, ConcertKatie, and has been updated for 2019’s event!

Hanson “Day” is a weekend concert event held yearly in Tulsa, OK.  Dates were announced January 23 – and there will be THREE concerts – May 16, May 17 and May 18. (May 17 is the String Theory show at the Tulsa PAC and is SOLD OUT!  May 16th is the “Storytellers” add-on ticket available at and May 18th will be the free concert with your RSVP.)  More details came out February 11th and tickets went on sale February 14th.  Tickets are still available for some events.

In order to go – you must be a paid member.  If you’re not yet, join!  The 2019 EP should be released at Hanson Day weekend and can be picked up there by members who have paid their membership fees through 2020.  If you paid for your membership in 2018, while you may be a valid member through May 2019 to attend MOE, you won’t be able to pick up your new kit unless you renew early.  (A cut off date is usually announced, but I’d suggest to do it by April)  Your membership will be good for another year from the date you originally joined and you’ll get to pick up the kit and take it home with you at MOE.

(For example – if you join December 18, 2018 as a 2018 member, your membership will be good until December 18, 2019. You will receive the 2018 kit in the mail and be eligible to attend the events, but you won’t be able to pick up the 2019 kit until you renew. If you renew for 2019 on April 1, your membership will be extended until December 18, 2020 making you eligible to pick up your kit at MOE.  Your expiration date can be found on your account profile page on  The membership “kit” is just a fancy way of saying Members Only EP.

Where to Stay 

Most of the events happen in the Tulsa Arts District in Downtown Tulsa [formerly known as the Brady Arts District].  Concerts have been held at Cain’s Ballroom and the Brady Theater. 2019’s concerts will be at Cain’s Ballroom.  The closest hotel is the Fairfield Inn.  This hotel is pretty small so it books up fast and is available as a “group rate” through a link on  There is also the Hyatt about a half a mile to a mile walk away which is much bigger (and sometimes has cheaper rates available on Priceline). These are the only hotels I have personally stayed at but there are several others within a mile or two of the area – some I have heard of other fans staying at include Aloft, Double Tree and Best Western.  There is also a new Holiday Inn Express opening in the area during the weekend as well. Some hotels provide airport shuttles.  Those that do not will run you about $20-$30 on a cab or a bit cheaper if you use uber.

Do I Need a Car?

This depends on what you want to do.  If you are coming in early or staying later and want to explore more of Tulsa, I’d say yes.  If you are only coming for Thurs/Fri-Sun, you will probably kept busy with so many Hanson activities that you won’t really need one if you are staying within walking distance.  (Note: the location for the painting sessions is not close to downtown.)

When Should I Come?

For the past 2 years activities have started with Karaoke on Thursday evening. Typically Thursday afternoon they begin the check in process and open the Hanson store.  For 2019 they will begin check-in Thursday at 9am.  In the past, items have sold out after Thursday and were not restocked.  Some years they do end up restocking and putting most items up on the store.  If you want to see more of Tulsa you should probably come early or stay later as they to tend to keep the weekend jam-packed with activities. You may want to wait for the full events schedule to be released before deciding for sure when you want to arrive.

What activities are free?

All activities require a Membership ($40+shipping).  Free with your RSVP is access to the Hanson Store, Hanson Gallery, Photos with the band, State of the Band and the Members Only Concert. If they do another movie in he park, this should be free as well. [Movie in the Park did not make the cut for 2019]

The Hop Jam concert on Sunday is also free and open to the public (you do not need to be a member to attend). They do offer VIP upgrades for the beer and music sides and this past year no one could access the beer area without a paid ticket (either for beer tasting or as a designated driver).

What are the add on activities and how much are they?

2019 activities and pricing:
Bowling – $50 (includes t-shirt)
Dance Party – $15
Karaoke –  $15
Storytellers Concert – $30
Listening Party – $30 (includes CD and lunchbox)
Painting Class – $37 (you can take home your painting)

Historical pricing:

Movie Night – $12
Fan Club Dinner – $22 (Friday night and Saturday night, fixed menu, usually at Caz’s or Mexicali’s)
Street Team Leaders Dinner – $22 (for Street Team Leaders only)
Dance party – $15 / $20 at door
Karaoke – $15 / $20 at door
Lectures – $25 / $30 at door
Bowling – $50 (includes a t-shirt)
Listening Party – $15 (included a CD)
Game Night – $50 (includes a game)
Painting Class – $35 (you can take home your painting)

There is a cut off on when you can buy tickets until online.  If any tickets are left, they will be available first come, first serve at the check in table (usually CASH ONLY).  Last year all events sold out in advance.

What are the VIP tickets for Hop Jam?

2019 VIP packages include:

Hop Fan Ticket – 21+ Only ($40)
-Beer Tasting Session (4 hours)
-Commemorative Hop Jam Tasting Cup and Event Lanyard

Hop Head Ticket – 21+ only ($55)
-1 Hour of Early Entry to the Beer Tasting Session, for a total of 5 hours, exclusive beers only available during VIP entry
-Limited Edition Hop Head Hat
-Commemorative Hop Jam Tasting Cup and Event Lanyard

Hop Snob VIP Ticket – 21+ Only ($100)
-Craft Beer VIP Lounge Access (Indoor lounge, with air conditioning, seating, bathrooms, food, unlimited water, soft drinks & featured craft beers)
-Access to the Hop Talks, featuring exclusive panels with attending Brewmasters
-1 Hour of Early Entry to the Beer Tasting Session, for a total of 5 hours, exclusive beers only available during VIP entry
-Limited Edition Hop Head Hat
-Commemorative Hop Jam Tasting Cup and Event Lanyard

Designated Driver Ticket – 21+ Only ($15)
-This ticket allows entry into the Craft Beer Area for non-drinking attendees who are awesome enough to drive their drinking friends home!
-Includes a refillable aluminum Hop Jam reusable Water Bottle
-In order to qualify, you must present valid 21+ ID and you must be accompanying a paying attendee

Music VIP Ticket ($65)
-Reserved concert viewing area
-Music VIP Lounge Access (Indoor lounge offering air conditioning, seating, real bathrooms, food, unlimited water, soft drinks & featured craft beers)
-Children Under 2 are free, when accompanied by an adult with a ticket
(Additional ticket required for entry to Beer Festival Area)

What does the schedule typically look like?

The 2019 schedule can be found on the HDay 2019 page: 

Where Should I Fly To?

Tulsa has an International Airport (TUL) that is serviced by many airlines. Oklahoma City is a couple of hours away and also has an airport.  I am not sure the best way to get from OKC to TUL without renting a car – if anyone has any tips or experience in this area let me know and I will add it!

How is the Weather?

Unpredictable.  Pack for all seasons.  Some years have been rainy, windy and cold, others have been so hot that you wish you packed a pair of shorts (or are happy that you did) and some have been all of the above all wrapped into one – and maybe a tornado warning for good measure.  I think a combination of jeans, capris and shorts as well as a hoodie and rain jacket should cover most of your bases.

Where can I eat?

There are a lot of restaurants in the downtown area, some of them include:
Dilly Diner
Caz’s Chowhouse
Mexicali Border Cafe
Sisserou Carribean
Coney Island Hot Dogs
The Tavern
PRYHME Steakhouse
El Guapos
Chimera Cafe
Joe Mama’s Pizza
Hurts Donut
Rib Crib
Fassler Hall
STG Pizzeria
Fat Guy’s Burgers

RSVP is now up on – Just go to the calendar page once you are logged in and click the button to RSVP! You will be sent an email confirmation there will be no confirmation list posted on the site like there has been in years past.  If you later realize you can no longer attend, just go to the calendar page and unclick the button to un-RSVP.

*Note: If you’re not sure if you need to renew your membership in order to pick up the kit at Hanson Day you can use the tool I put together here:  (Please note this is just a guide and and their staff have the final say on cut off dates.)

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