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Taylor Hanson on Adding Strings to “MMMBop” and Touring with a 50-Piece Orchestra

COS This Wednesday’s Kyle Meredith With… features Hanson’s Taylor Hanson, who talks with Kyle Meredith in advance of the band’s new album, String Theory. He explores what it was like blending a love of R&B and soul music with an orchestra template, revisiting and rewriting old songs like “MMMBop” and “Tragic Symphony”, and how the context of the orchestra influenced the writing… Read More »

Hanson – String Theory

Joy Three brothers from Oklahoma shot to fame in 1997 with their breakout single MmmBop.  Twenty-one years later, Hanson reimagine all their hits, and brand new material, playing in front of symphony orchestras around the world on their String Theory tour. With an album released tomorrow, eldest sibling Isaac phones in to JOY to tell us just how they translated their back-catalogue and… Read More »

HNET Newsletter- Nov 8, 2018

WEEKLY PIC Tomorrow , Nov 9th, the String Theory Album is officially out!! If you want to get all the package elements, including the documentary, lyric book, instrumental album and more, that’s only on Hanson.net! Thanks for listening! MESSAGE FROM THE BAND There are so many places we have yet to share the String Theory Tour, but tomorrow,… Read More »

Strings attached: Hanson on their orchestral album and the surprising struggles behind ‘MMMBop’

Yahoo Twenty-one years ago, when Hanson released one of the earwormiest singles of the ’90s, the Jackson 5-reminiscent “MMMBop,” the song was summarily dismissed by many music snobs as a novelty hit, mere boy-band fluff. However, a new orchestral version of the perennial pop classic on String Theory — the brotherly trio’s career-retrospective double-album featuring gorgeous symphonic arrangements… Read More »