HANSON: The First Time In Forever

By | October 27, 2018


The last couple weeks of concerts have been amazing with concerts in Atlanta, Houston, and  a sold out Nashville. This is a pic from the beautiful Schermerhorn Symphony Center in Nashville. Lots more epic String Theory shows still ahead.


Houston, Nashville, Atlanta… the list of great shows just seems to grow every week, and 2 nights ago, we were in Miami for the first time, in forever.  Playing each night with a new orchestra adds a new dimension to each performance.  Rather than simply trying to read the audience and perform for them, you have to also lock in with the symphony and ride the waves they create.  It is a challenge, but one that has amazing results.

If there is one message we want people to take away from the story, String Theory tells it is aptly captured in the shows final song, Tonight.  Don’t wait for tomorrow!  Tonight is the topic of this week’s String Theory docuseries, Episode 10.  Spoiler alert: if you are trying to protect your virgin ears so you can hear String Theory for the first time live in person, every episode does feature a lot of music.  That said, if you’re not watching, each episode features a different song, and is a great way to get inside our heads and understand why we chose the songs we did.  Getting to hear a little of the music gives a feel for the scope of the work that went into the album and tour for the past two years.

If you are a Hanson.net member, we have been sharing videos and photos from all the shows this week.  Remember to check the Hanson.net archive to find FC Reporter interviews, Meet & Greet photos, as well as some video and backstage photos when they apply and don’t forget to mark down November 1st on your calendar and join us for the Hanson.net String Theory Listening Party, where you will be the first to hear the new String Theory album.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac



Fan Club Exclusive: Fan Club members, don’t forget to join HANSON for the String Theory Listening Party on Nov 1st at 6pm CT where you will be able to listen to the new album, String Theory, before the release date!


Fan Club Exclusive: At each stop on the String Theory tour, we are giving away a special one-of-a-kind poster to one lucky Hanson.net member.  The poster design is drawn from a Zac Hanson painting created especially for this project, capturing the boy chronicled in the lyrics of Reaching For The Sky.  Every posted features the show’s date, venue and tour, in a four color screen print themed in the purples and blues of the String Theory art and will be signed by Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson.

Most Recent Winners:
Atlanta, GA – rwagner
Nashville, TN – carrie
Houston, TX – courtneyann12345

If you’re a Hanson.net members and attending a String Theory show, be sure to use your mobile device to check-in at the show in the  Hanson.net calendar section. Check-ins are open just prior to doors and remain open through the concert. Look for more winners to be announced each week in the hanson.net newsletter.

NOTE: Winners will be contacted via the e-mail in their hanson.net user profile.  Posters will begin shipping in November.


With the String Theory album and tour just around the corner, don’t forget to renew your Hanson.net membership for 2018!
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