Database Updates – BTTI Solo Shows, Disney Days and Pre Show MOE Events

By | February 4, 2018

We have been hard at work in the database working on show count adjustments that have been requested for various show types.  Now, when you sign up for an account you will be asked about 3 show types and how you wish to count them. Existing members of the site will be emailed with details on how to change their accounts in the next few days.  We understand that some of you may not yet have gone to these types of shows and your opinion on them may change in the future.  These selections are not set in stone and can be changed at any time if you contact us with your email and username registered in the database.


Disney shows can now be counted as 3 separate shows per day or all 3 shows as 1 show.  The default is to count them all separately.  Some believe that if you leave and re-enter after each show it is a new show while others find the setlists too short to count as a full show.  Now both can be accounted for. [This update may still be a bit glitchy so bear with us]

Back To The Island solo shows are now listed in the database as 3 separate shows.  If you had any of the combined shows in your show list, it should now be updated to reflect these changes. Please double check your listing. (Details on what to do if it is not correct will be in the email sent to registered members)  The default for this is to count each show separately.

Members Only Events have now been split into another sub-category of Members Only Event (Pre Show).  Some do not count these as separate shows because you do not leave and re-enter after the event happens. The default is to count them as separate shows but if you would like them to not be in your show count but still have the songs show up in your heard live list, select the “Pre Show MOE do not count in my show counts” button. (Or if you are an existing member you will be emailed with details on how to get your account updated)

If you have forgotten your login information for the site, please contact us ( and we can look things up for you. Please do not make a new account if you forgot your log in details.  Also, if you wish to change your username or any registered details, we can update that for you via email as well.

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