Christmas comes early, as Hanson’s new holiday album looks set to hit the Top 10

By | November 2, 2017

The Industry Observer

It’s been twenty frosty years since Hanson released their seasonal classic, Snowed In, and although we all still crank that bad boy every Christmas, and then again during every Christmas in July, it’s pleasing to hear that they released a follow up last Friday, named Finally It’s Christmas.

The implications of that album title are clear: Hanson know that without an annual Christmas update from them, life has been one bleak, cruel winter without any Christmases, decades of death and darkness, like in Narnia when the White Witch takes over and fucks shit up.

Maybe I’m reading too deeply. Regardless, many of you were so happy that Hanson were putting out a Snowed In sequel, that you either:

a) purchased a Christmas album in October

b) listened to a Christmas album in October

I won’t judge any of you (not directly, at least), but your single-minded dedication means that, based on mid-week sales projections, it looks like Hanson will be landing in the ARIA Top 10 this weekend. Which is good news for everyone.

Listen to the title track below on YouTube, or the entire album on Spotify. Then listen to ‘Madeline’. Then ‘If Only’. Then ‘Georgia’. Then ‘Madeline’ again.

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