20 Years After The 90’s Smash Hit “MMMBop”, Hanson Is Surprisingly Dope

By | October 24, 2017

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The 90’s pop group Hanson, composed of brothers Isaac (guitar, vocals), Taylor (piano, vocals), and Zac (percussion, vocals), is best known for their classic 1997 hit “MMMBop”. However, the group’s mainstream popularity waned after their debut album Middle of Nowhere, more or less leaving them as a nostalgic relic of 90’s boy bands—for most people, that is. In the years since their debut, the band of brothers has kept busy, maintaining a rabid fanbase through consistent touring and releases, starting a record label and music festival, and even developing their own line of beer (obviously called “MMMHops”). ‘

2017 marks Hanson’s 25th anniversary as a band and 20th anniversary since their debut release and breakout hit. Earlier this month, the band made an appearance on NPR’s Tiny Desk to celebrate their quarter-century as a band, and the group blew many of us out of the water. While the iconic “MMMBop” did not make an appearance on their Tiny Desk setlist, the three Hansons laid out an incredible performance featuring songs they’ve written since being pre-teen pop sensations.


Like with “MMMBop”, Hanson still offers their characteristically tight harmonies of yesteryear, though their songwriting has predictably matured since the song was released when they were 16 (Isaac), 14 (Taylor), and 11 (Zac). With their inherent pop sensibilities front and center, the three tunes the group played—”Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’”, “This Time Around”, and new single “I Was Born”—are feel-good and catchy while still showing off their developed musicality. You can take a listen to Hanson’s Tiny Desk Concert below, courtesy of NPR Music. ‘