HNET Newsletter- Oct 5, 2017

By | October 9, 2017


This week we shared the latest installment of our “I Was Born Challenge” series where Taylor and Zac learned to skydive. This is a pic of Taylor and Zac during the epic day of learning to fly. Check out the vid on our YouTube page today!


As we work our way across the continent with the Middle Of Everywhere Tour playing in New York, Toronto, Detroit and Chicago, the countdown to Finally It’s Christmas is underway.  October has just begun, but Christmas is already on the brain. It seems like everywhere we go fans are making plans to celebrate the change of season and join us for the upcoming Christmas concerts.  Even though our musical connection to the holiday season goes back more than twenty years, these Christmas shows will be a HANSON first.  We won’t start rehearsal ’til early November, but knowing we will be adding another member to the touring band is just exciting to think about.

The I Was Born Challenge continues and this time it was 11 years in the making.  You could call it a 14,000 ft trust fall, but it is usually referred to as Skydiving.  Taylor and Zac made their first jump, which was one part terrifying and one part life changing, but you need to watch the video to get the full story.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

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