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Billboard Brazil [Translated]

American trio that was bursting in the 90’s is on commemorative tour of 25 years of road

Are you coming into pop rock dance, with influences of soul and rockabilly? So, and maybe that’s a bit shocking, Hanson’s show may be perfect for you. The blond boys (now men in their thirties, parents of children, full of children, etc.) who were successful worldwide in the 1990s with the hit “MMMBop” chewing gum, made this Thursday in Rio, the first of Four concerts in Brazil from the band’s 25-year memorial tour, “Middle of Everywhere.”

If this first presentation sets the tone for the others, it is safe to say that the show should appeal to card fans, to those who liked the group in the past, and who are curious about what the boys are doing. The show was thought to be a summary of Hanson’s career and the result is pleasant, very lively and very competent.


Punctually, the Americans took to the stage at the scheduled start of the show and, with two supporting musicians, started playing “Already Home” from the last album “Anthem”. They then amended the equally exciting “Waiting for This,” “Where’s the Love” (one of the best known of the trio) and “Look at You.”

Well rehearsed and full of breath, the band took the whole show in blocks of songs with few intervals, which the three members used to, with much sympathy, to speak the classic “obligados” in Portuguese and to contextualize the presence of some songs in the setlist, Case of the acoustic ballad “On and On”, part of an EP of the trio destined only members of the fanclub.

Within this quieter section, the fluffy “Penny & Me” and the emotional “Save Me”, which rocked the soap opera couple in the early 2000s, were played out of a 15-year-old wedding party and, of course, sung At the top of his lungs.

Photo: Disclosure

In the last third of the show, the animation returned with the new “I Was Born” and the old but incredibly known by the Brazilian public “A Minute Without You”, followed by the sung “Get the Girl Back” and “Give a Little” Which transformed part of the space into a dance floor. The maximum hit of the trio, “MMMBop,” and “If Only,” the song that released Hanson’s second album in 2000 and created an almost apotheotic mood in the house, were almost gone.

In the bis, a little more of the showcase of talents of the young men. Going back to the origins, when children began as a cover group to the capella of songs of the 50s and 60s, the three sang using only the microphone “Rockin ‘Robin” of Bobby Day, followed by “Johnny B Goode” and the author ” Lost Without Each Other “, composed in their own image of the genre that inspired them.

Hanson also passes through Belo Horizonte (August 25), São Paulo (26) and Salvador (27). Although a good part of the audience is composed of the faithful fans who have been with the band for more than 20 years, there is plenty of room for those who want to know the long career of the young.

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