HNET Newsletter- July 7, 2017

By | July 7, 2017


This captures the sheer madness of the Sky Jump, which each of us took part in during the recent trip to New Zealand on the Middle Of Everywhere Tour. The jump was a 71 story leap, inspired by the self imposed I Was Born Challenge … find out more at


After an amazing start to the Middle Of Everywhere World Tour ending with an amazing night at Summer Fest in Milwaukee, we shut everything down the last few days for full on summer vacation and Independence Day celebration.  As we like to say work hard… or don’t work at all.  The break was much appreciated and good fuel for the next few weeks of preparation.  The Middle Of Everywhere World Tour is nearly halfway through, but we will be spending the summer intermission working on what we want to do in 2018 to keep the train rolling.  There are a lot of big projects we hope to get underway, but the short of it all is getting in the studio and getting back out on the road.  We already know 2018 will be starting strong with Back To The Island at a new resort in Jamaica, but what comes next, that is the real challenge.

Thank you to everyone who got excited about the I Was Born Challenge and helped make the Auckland Sky Tower jump happen.  We had an amazing time and are looking forward to keeping the theme going as the tour continues.  We hope our challenge to each other inspires others to face their fears and join us in checking one off the bucket list.  More soon.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


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