Hanson Have You Been paying Attention

By | July 4, 2017

Have You Been Paying Attention? (abbreviated on social media as HYBPA?) is an Australian game show on Network Ten. The series, which is produced by Working Dog Productions, is a mix of news and comedy which sees host Tom Gleisner quiz five guests (of whom Ed Kavalee and Sam Pang are permanent panellists) on the week’s top news stories. The series first premiered on Network Ten on Sunday 3 November 2013.

Despite a disappointing start in ratings, and initially a change in timeslot and format, the series has proven to be a consistent performer for Network Ten, having its ratings increase with successive seasons and receiving critical acclaim. It’s now won 2 Logies in 2017 for types of Entertainment Program.
Format :
The series sees the host ask guests a range of news-related questions. In turn, guests frequently give humorous or satirical answers, but only correct answers are awarded points.[1] The series has also become known for its banter between its serious moderator and its not as serious contestants. In addition to questions regarding the previous week’s events, the contestants are also quizzed in various other games. Generally, two of these segments are played in each episode.