MMM-snip? US popstars Hanson reveal they fear vasectomies despite the brotherly trio fathering TWELVE children between them

By | June 27, 2017

Daily Mail Australia

By Stephen Bisset For Daily Mail Australia

They are the the brotherly pop trio that also share a formidable twelve children between them.

And despite fathering enough progeny to field a football team, Hanson admitted that they were not interested in getting vasectomies, as all three were worried about potential pain.

The MMMBop stars, who are currently touring Australia, appeared on Hit105’s Stav, Abby & Matt show where the conversation quickly turned to their prolific brood.
The admission came after host Matty Acton asked the trio: ‘So you’ve got twelve children between you, right?’

‘Do we have to count them collectively? Isaac asked. ‘My wife and I only have three – these two are complete freaks – I don’t want anything to do with them.’

Zac Hanson has four children while brother Taylor has five.

The host, Matty, who is also a father of three, revealed to the rockers that he was thinking about getting a vasectomy, and asked the trio if it was something they had considered.

‘When I think about vasectomy – there’s a very small chance you could have permanent unending pain associated with that part of your body, and there’s no small enough chance that’s small enough for me to risk that,’ Zac replied.

‘I will become celibate and live on a mountain,’ he added.

With the radio hosts barely able to contain their hysterics, father of five Taylor chimed in with: ‘Zac’s like “so this is the deal – life away from all other humans, his wife, his children – or – some potential pain in that region”.’

Abby Coleman then asked the trio what their wives thought of their decision not to get the snip.

‘She loves me and she doesn’t want me to be in pain for the rest of my life – there are other ways,’ Isaac replied.

Isaac, the eldest band member, has three children with his wife Nicole: Everett, nine, and Monroe, eight, and Nina Odette, two.

Taylor Hanson has five little ones with wife Natalie: Ezra, 13, Penelope, 11, River, nine, Viggo, seven, and Wilhelmina, aged three while Zac has fathered four children with wife Kate: Lucille, one, John, eight, Junia, five, and George, two.

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