Isaac Hanson sets the record straight on MMMBop ahead of NZ tour

By | June 24, 2017

New Zealand Herald

By: Siena Yates
Entertainment writer, NZ Herald

Hanson first burst into the music scene with their infectious 90s pop anthem MMMBop and if you ask most people about Hanson now, it’s the first – and often only – thing they recall.

What most people don’t realise is Hanson – brothers Isaac, Taylor and Zac – are celebrating their 25th anniversary, seven albums, 14 major tours, several Grammy nominations and a horde of their own children later.

“It’s really crazy to be 36 years old and to have been doing something for 25 years,” Isaac says, laughing.
The Hanson brothers are celebrating with a Middle of Everywhere world tour – a play on their first studio album name Middle of Nowhere and a throwback to their 90s fanclub magazine MOE (Middle of Everywhere).
That, and they’re stopping “pretty much everywhere” on this tour – including New Zealand.

They’ve been here only once before, in 2014, when they played the Powerstation.

“Which is actually kind of unfortunate and embarrassing,” says Isaac, “But it was a fantastic time and it was great to finally see some of our Kiwi fans on their home turf.”

This time around, Hanson promises to “represent all the records” they’ve made over the past 25 years, giving fans the complete run of the discography on tour and, before you ask, yes. That does include MMMBop.
When asked if Hanson ever gets sick of the song that propelled them to stardom, Isaac reacts quickly and sternly.

“I don’t get sick of MMMBop in any way shape or form and I don’t know why I would,” he says.
“I think there are a variety of misconceptions that go along with what MMMbop and our band has been perceived as from the beginning, but I have absolutely no qualms whatsoever about playing MMMbop.”

He goes on to speak at length about how proud and thankful they are of their career and how far they’ve come but adds, “What I will say is; you’re always wanting to move forward, as an artist. You’re always wanting to talk about what you’re doing and what you’re going to be doing.
“Hanson is not the pop band that a lot of people think we are. I think we’re a lot more rooted in a lot of music history … we’re songwriters, we’re singers, we’re players first. We’re not entertainers, we’re not celebrities, and frankly, we don’t really want to be.

“And there’s probably a lot of people who don’t really understand that but hey, whatever, I don’t really care. I just think it’s interesting, I think youth plays a certain role in people’s minds sometimes that maybe proves people’s bias. I feel really good about what we’ve done.”

And they’re excited to celebrate that with their fans on this 25th anniversary tour, particularly with their Kiwi fans.

“We’re so excited to be back and we hope we get the opportunity to come back sooner rather than later.”

What: Hanson’s 25th Anniversary “Middle of Everywhere” tour.
Where: Auckland Town Hall
When: June 27

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