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Hanson, the three brothers of 90s long-hair fame, have expressed their interest in collab’ing with Haim, the three sisters of current long-hair fame. That’s some Brady Bunch stuff right there and as a self-professed fan of both acts, I’m here for it.

Stopping by Foxtel for a FB Live while on the Aussie leg of their 25th-anniversary ‘Middle Of Everywhere’ tour, the Hanson bros showed their interest in working with musicians who came to being after their ‘Mmmbop’ heyday. Couldn’t have come at a better time tbh, considering they recently called Justin Bieber’s music “chlamydia of the ear” (and then explained themselves).

“I think some of the more modern artists would be fun to write or work with,” Isaac Hanson, the oldest of the lot, said. “I think Haim would be really fun if we could get that together that would be fun. And the cool thing is they’d kind of round out the band.”

“An explosion of family-dom,” Taylor added.

Comparisons have previously been drawn between the two because they’re both family bands who both at one stage or another, had hair worthy of a Decore shampoo commercial.

And before you start ripping out your own hair (which’ll never be as good as anyone involved in this story) wondering how tf Hanson + Haim could work musically, keep in mind that Hanson’s careers haven’t stopped.

You might be surprised at how their voices / balls have dropped in the 20 years since. It’s beautiful stuff.

Some other relevant people they’d be keen on working with?

“People like Ed Sheeran who’s really, really, really talented and a great songwriter,” said Isaac. “We just did a cover of the Weeknd a couple of days ago, amazing singer,” said Zac Hanson. “There’s some great craft out there, actually,” added Taylor.

But Haimson? Let’s make that happen first.

There’s still some tix for Hanson’s remaining Aussie tours – more info HERE. Heck, maybe they’ll even do some covers.

Photo: Taylor Hill / Getty, Hanson / Supplied.

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