Un concerto degli Hanson è un memorabile tuffo nel passato (che va ben oltre MMMBop)

By | June 8, 2017

On Stage

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What is the song that has been pronounced in the world – and written – always in the wrong way? But of course, it is MMMBop, the tormenton of 1997 that initiated baptism in the world of international music of three brothers originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma, who at the time had respectively 17 (Isaac), 14 (Taylor, who presented Just with the words that we brought back the famous piece during the concert) and only 12 years (Zac).

Hanson: The band, which ended on June 7 at Fabrique in Milan, is in the midst of a double celebration: on the one hand, we celebrate their 25 years of activity – though, as brothers, we imagine that The story is actually much longer – and the other 20 from the release of the debut album, Middle Of Nowhere.

Let’s do for a moment local mind: the pop phenomenon represented by MMMBop, which beyond the game of incomprehensible words has been played from now on as an easy, sparkling and fun song that it is today, came as a lightning strike in a clear Where we could still see Mtv the American one, which in Italy was able to take miraculously through strange rides of the remote control. Isaac, Taylor and Zac managed to fill the gap in our fragile teen heart left by Robbie Williams from the Take That and their subsequent dissolution (1995-1996) just before the explosion of the other boy bands that came after (See Backstreet Boys).

However, at some point, after a few years of listening to Middle Of Nowhere and the successor (not the first one) This Time Around of 2000, in addition to Christmas Snowed In, while simultaneously plundering Adhesive covers of Cio with their faces to stick on our half-meter high marks – which we kept together with the elastic – bam! The irreparable thing happened: in 2002, Taylor, who, let’s say, was also the finest of the three, married, started to leave behind a bunch of children and Hanson we forgot a bit. Gossip aside, however, this time was perhaps more tied to the choice of the trio to abandon the major who had contracted them and made them known all over the world.

But, and that’s what we understood last night, we actually forgot only us that in the meantime we started listening to things a little less (forgive the easy labels but it is to be understood): in fact if there is someone who He has never ceased to follow the musical steps of the band are their most loyal fans, and in Italy there are still many. Those who, starting with Underneath (2005), have not abandoned them anymore and have singled out every single piece during live. The band then did not spare, playing for almost two hours and interrupting the songs in a ladder with some anecdotes, such as the story of With You in Your Dreams, written in the middle of the night by Taylor at a time when Grandma was not much good.

The Italian audience, who has been able to see them live more than once in the last few years, loves them literally. Indeed, even because live Hanson is nothing more than a pop phenomenon: they are impeccable, accurate and talented musicians not only on the latest songs but also and above all on older ones like Where’s the Love, Weird, Madeline and If Only, the band is re-reading in a completely new way (sometimes even improving them).

During the concert there was also room for a tribute to some pieces that evidently marked the musical growth of Hanson, two great rock’n’roll classics such as Rockin ‘Robin by Bobby Day and Johnny B Goode of the immense Chuck Berry, in addition to I’m a man, Give me some lovin ‘and Long Train Running, thus demonstrating with these little pearls that Zac, Taylor and Isaac know so. In short, Hanson’s live was a great opportunity not only for those who have always loved them, but also for those who listened to them at that time, who at that time in the past, although in the meantime swore loyalty to other musical genres, Always keeps an affectionate and sincere memory.