Hanson in concerto al Fabrique di Milano: la recensione

By | June 8, 2017


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Hanson in concerto al Fabrique di Milano: la recensione

Before young Dawson and his anxieties came to life in the lives of thousands of teenagers with Dawson’s creek, for those who lived their carefree youth in the mid-1990s and the beginning of the new Millennium it was quite easy to come across dozens of posters Of these three blond boys and capelloni, who dominate the airplay for an unrepeatable season. It is a joy and, perhaps in part, a torment for the Hanson Brothers because if their “MMMbop” has become one of the most successful singles ever, the trio is no longer able to get rid of that childish incarnation, also Now that the formation, now no longer so embarrassing as at the beginning, is about to celebrate the first twenty-five years of career.

Yesterday, June 7, at the Fabrique of Milan for the only Italian event of the “Middle of everywhere tour”, Hanson brings on tour a good representation of a complex adventure, celebrating both the two decades of their work in this 2017 The famous “Middle of nowhere” (the MMMbop album, so much to be clear) that its longevity, which went on over the years without the clamor of their most famous singer but could always rely on a truly solid and faithful international fanbase. It is a fairly heterogeneous audience that slowly begins to fill the room, ready to sing in chorus all the sci-fi proposed by the ex-brothers prodigious, demonstrating a horse’s memory in remembering word by word all the most famous pieces of the band in Tulsa, Oklahoma .

They enter the scene at 9:30 pm, after the opening ceremony of the young English songwriter Lewis Watson, with a five-year training for a bassist curiously resembling Omar Rodríguez-López of Mars Volta and a second guitarist / keyboard player who keeps for the two Thread threads of the show a rather low profile. The Hanson blondes with a few more years on their shoulders confirm a band with a good shot and leave immediately with the high gears geared up, very ridiculous and almost unbelievable to find so much affection. They ring and gladly welcome those who do not have too much trouble in front of an even too heterogeneous repertoire, where old pop hits blend into a modern, simple southern rock of the latest works, going for cover with the most funky rhythms and some old song Scratched for the occasion.

The Hanson in these twenty-five years have somehow tried to get rid of the boyband image, never losing that aura of innocence, simplicity, and gentle ways that have always manifested it. The same intentions that can be found in the performance of the evening and in the stage management: beating of hands, choirs, jokes, jumps to stimulate interaction with the public. They know how to use the right irony and awareness to tell about their past and still be credible, though with several springs on their shoulders, to sing motivated non-intellectual texts like “You’re always in my head” and I can not live another day without You “or” Where’s the love / it makes the world go round and round and round. “The songs follow almost uninterruptedly, in a constant flow that puts in close thirty songs, with the surprise that in the end yes, the Hanson They have shown for what I am really, a good pop-rock group, genuine and totally innocuous, good guys with a vaguely old 1970s who could not inherit it. A boyband-not boyband that keeps straight on his way with craft , Even now that Ike, Tay and Zac, who disappeared from the star system radars, preferred the free way of self-production, grinding over the years records and concerts, beneficial ep They would own the production of a craft beer, as well as repopulating their County with a good dozen children in three.

Here is the full amarcord happy service to whom the late-nineties lived live in his room, divided between unprepared pop spring and new computer science that opened to the phenomenon of the Internet: it all jumps together between vocal harmonies And beaten up with “Penny & Me” and “This time around”, up to homage to rock dad Chuck Berry and his Johnny B. Goode, passing, obviously, for “MMMbop”. Of course, growing is always a complicated task, especially if you suddenly find a teenager – or little more than a kid in the case of drummer Zac – rich, famous and idolized, but the Hanson are somehow still trying , With passion and honesty. After all, they are young.

(Chiara Leandri & Marco Di Milia)

Already Home
Waiting for this
Where’s the love
Look at you
Tragic symphony
Thinking ’bout somethin’
Been there before
This time around
Strong enough to break
Penny & me
Watch over me
With you in your dreams (acoustic)
On and on
I was born
A minute without you
Get the girl back
Medley cover: I’m a man (Spencer Davis Group)/ Give me some lovin’ (Spencer Davis Group)/ Long train running (Doobie Brothers)
If only
Fired up
In the city

Rockin’ robin (Bobby Day cover)
Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry cover)
Lost without each other