Hanson Truffles at Glacier Confections

By | May 3, 2017

Thanks to Jackie for the heads up on these truffles!

Note:Instructions on how to do in-store pickup can now be found on the Glacier website!

The amazing folks at Glacier Confection have been given Hanson’s blessing in creating a special 25th Anniversary Hanson truffle and we the fans are the *FIRST* to hear about it! If you’ve ever been to Tulsa for Hanson Day weekend, you know that Glacier is a staple and you can’t leave town without stopping in!

Even if you’ve never been to Tulsa, you may have already had Glacier if you purchased the Hanson Valentine’s Day chocolates that were previously offered on Hanson.net! They were all produced at Glacier.

Glacier are offering a 9 & 12 piece Limited Edition box that includes either two or four Hanson branded chocolates (Sea Salt Caramels) along with a special Hop Jam Chocolate! ¬†Since Glacier knows our weekend will be very full, they’re giving us the option to purchase ahead of time and either have them shipped to us (so you can still purchase if you can’t make it to T-town!), or we can choose to pick them up in the store! I highly recommend ordering in advance, because it looks like there will be many, MANY more people in town compared to previous years and ther ewill be lines at every store within the Brady District, including Glacier!

Glacier is a family owned confection shop located in the heart of the Brady District, just around the corner from 3CG. They produce over 150 different types of chocolate and several different chocolate bars including their very own rarity, the Fortunado No. 4 Chocolate Bar. ¬†They have just recently landed a spot on Food Network’s list of Best Chocolate! Glacier is also an active partner of the Folds of Honor Foundation, benefiting our US Troops and their families.

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