More Middle of Everywhere Tour News

By | March 16, 2017

Lots and lots of news outlets around the world have been picking up on the fact that Hanson will be doing a special tour for their 25th anniversary.  Rather than post all the articles separately since they all say the same [usually inaccurate] information, we’re putting up all the links here for you to check out if you so choose.

WMUR9 – Hanson announces 25th anniversary world tour

Time – Yes, Hanson Is Making a Comeback With a World Tour 25 Years Later

Life & Style – See Hanson Then and Now: Plus Check out What Your Other Favorite Boy Bands Are up to Today!

GANTNews – Hanson’s 25th anniversary tour means you’re old

WJCL22 – Hanson fans “MMMbop” til they drop after band’s big announcement

Washington Post – Hanson, My Morning Jacket and more just-announced D.C. concerts

VG Rampleys – Hanson-brødrene gjør comeback

Delas – Hanson em digressão mundial para celebrar 25º

Fun Week – Hanson e il tour nel 2017: ecco come sono oggi dopo 25 anni di carriera


MTV – Hanson Spremaju Povratnicku Turneju

Glamour Italy – Gli Hanson tornano in tournée per celebrare il 25esimo compleanno della band. Qui le date (una anche italiana)

Berlingske – Populært brødreband fra 90’erne gør comeback