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By | January 11, 2017

If you talked to me at Back to the Island you may have heard me mention that I am hoping to revamp the website a bit for the 20th anniversary / 25th anniversary in May.  I make no guarantees since I am basically teaching myself everything as I am going along – but for now that’s the goal.  I have a few things on my personal wish list that I’d like to see happen with the site, but since this site is just as much for all of you as it is for me, I thought I would open it up for suggestions.  I make no promises that I can get everything done in the next few months, but I will certainly take everything into consideration that is suggested and try to implement it – whether it be now or in time.  Leave a comment with any part of the site you wish looked or worked differently, things you thought were on the site but can no longer find, things you found confusing and would like to be simplified or instructions provided, things you would like to see added, etc.  If you’d rather discuss something with me more in depth or privately, you can email me at blog@hansonstage.com



7 thoughts on “Hansonstage Wish List

  1. Carrie

    Katie I hate pictures of you and Isaac at family feud at btti 17 . I’ll tag u on Facebook

  2. Carrie

    As far as hanson wish list I think a hanson history would be cool

    1. Katie Post author

      We currently have a “today in History” on the side of the blog which features concerts, CD releases, TV appearances and birthdays! What kind of history are you looking for?

    1. Hansonstage

      They are linked on our main page as an affiliate 🙂

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