Revealed: the nation’s favourite one-hit wonders

By | October 27, 2016


Kevin Smith, spokesman for online market researchers OnePoll, which conducted the poll of 2,000 music fans, said: “It’s interesting to see that the most popular one-hit wonders were originally released before the 21st century.

“In fact, the highest ranking post-Millennium track was released in the year 2000 and landed at number 12 in the poll.

The 90s claimed the most one-hit wonders, followed by the 70s, which included one-off hits like ‘Kung Fu Fighting’ by Carl Douglas and ‘Seasons in the Sun’ by Terry Jacks.

One track which may surprise many as a one-hit wonder was ‘MMMBop’ by Hanson which placed at number 30.

30. MMMBop – Hanson (1997)