Selfies with Zac Hanson are Everyone’s Favorite GABF Souvenir

By | October 15, 2016

Craft Beer 

The 2016 Great American Beer Festival featured thousands of impressive craft beers, but we guarantee the only thing that rivaled beer’s popularity were selfies with Zac Hanson.

Zac, now 30, is the youngest member of Hanson, the late-90s boy band brother trio responsible for “MMMBop.” He was at the festival representing Oklahoma’s Hanson Brothers Beer Company, which he started along with brothers Isaac and Taylor. (And yes, they have a beer named “MMMHops,” an admittedly brilliant name no matter how you feel about late-90s pop music.)

As much as we love beer — and we love, love craft beer — a celeb sighting at GABF ups the ante, and Zac was kind enough to pose for pretty much a zillion selfies with fans. These are some of our favorite.

When you wish your prom date looked this good

When your friends come for beer, but wait with you to meet Zac

When you’re so excited, you can only speak in hashtags

When dudes talk about dude stuff

When your cousin meets your teenage crush and you aren’t at GABF

When you have the guts to sing a Hanson song to Zac Hanson

When you see your 3rd grade crush and still can’t talk to him

When you know the name of the beer, but not which Hanson you’re talking a picture with

When a guy photo bombs you and you don’t even care because OMG you just got a picture with Zac Hanson

When you know all those games of MASH finally got it right!! #futurehusband

When meeting Zac is the #bestdayever

When you come for the beer, but stay for that Hanson smile

When you’re proud that the 2016 you held it together because a 1997 you would have lost your s**t

When you realize learning to play guitar finally pays off #starpower

When your love of #craftbeer lands you beside your favorite Hanson bro

When Zac likes you so much he Regrams your photos

When you don’t want to tell the big boss at the brewery you work at that Zac Hanson might be more handsome than him