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By | October 8, 2016


Here’s Zac at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, introducing people to our beer. Stop by and see us at booth C15 if you’re at the festival.


Who is ready to play?  After months of talking about it, the Play EP is finally coming out on Monday!  It is amazing how time can feel so relative. It seems like only a few weeks ago we were recording it on stage during HANSON Day and at the same time it also feels like we began writing these songs forever ago, and the reality is that neither are correct.  Sharing new music is one or the great highs of being a band and also one of the most nerve-racking experiences you can have.  We have had such a great response from fans about Loud that we know you will lovePlay, but knowing and knowing are not the same thing are they? We look forward to everyone getting to hear these new songs and hopefully playing some of them live down the road.

We continue to work on a brand new Christmas album, more playing over songs and even recording little demos for referencing arrangements.  Demos are normal for a lot of people, but we haven’t really demoed any songs since the making of Underneath … I wonder why? We have gotten the list of potential songs down to 13 (Snowed has 11), but there might still be room for another cut to the list.  Regardless of what makes the final list, there is enough rock ‘n’ roll and beautiful melody between them all to make a really wonderful celebration that is both musical and full of the spirit of the original Snowed In album.

Tonight will be our final stream from the making of Play.  Each stream has featured a different song and tonight the camera turns on during recording of Joyful Noise.  Each song is Playful in it’s own way, but Joyful Noise takes that idea and brings it into the lyric. The Members stream starts at 6PM CT and will continue to loop all through the weekend to make sure everyone has a chance to watch.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


Visit the store to see all of the new items for the Christmas season.


Fan Club Exclusive: Fan Club members, don’t forget to join us tonight at 6pm CT for the final weekly streams on The Making of Play. The stream will loop all weekend.


Play – Only available on!

HANSON’s new EP, Play, comes out in three days on Monday, October 10th.  It includes five brand new songs and you can only get it on  Order Yours Today!

NOTE: If you have already pre-ordered your copy of Play, you can download the full EP on Monday, October 10th at 12 noon CT.  Download your EP and digital booklet from the Order Page in the My Account section.

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