HNET Newsletter July 29, 2016

By | July 29, 2016


Last year’s Roots & Rock ‘N’ Roll Tour gave us a lot of ideas for how we might celebrate our 25th anniversary. It was a great tour and next year’s tour will be even better. Here’s a pic from a great show in Dallas last fall.


This has been another week focused on planning and general behind the scenes activities. Everything from studio cleaning and maintenance to having conversations with potential producers for upcoming projects.  We are working to make 2017 a real celebration of our band turning 25. Speaking of our 25th, last week we asked members to pick their top 25 HANSON songs and the results to date have been, well, surprising. Some songs you might expect to be popular like Where’s The Love or Underneath have not even made it to the top 25 overall songs picked and no single song has been on more than 60% of submissions. Once voting is complete, it will be fun to compare our lists to all of yours and see how that might affect coming projects and things like what we play on tour in 2017.  Thank you for over two decades of shared moments, music, and love. With any luck, we can keep it going till at least 2042.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac

2016 LOUD PLAY ORNAMENT PRE-ORDER Members voted on seven ornament designs to select the winning design for 2016. We had such a great response we also made the second place design available for a limited time. Pre-order both now through Aug 7, 2016.


Fan Club Exclusive: We are thinking a lot about 2017 and celebrating our 25 year anniversary. As we look at our career and the musical arc, there are so many songs to choose from so we would like your input. Go to Hanson Asks and cast your vote today!


With a new 2016 members EP shipping now, we wanted to remind you to renew your membership for 2016.  You can find your current expiration date by going to your My Account page.