Would you still recognize today the Hanson brothers?

By | May 18, 2016

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Zou jij de broertjes Hanson vandaag nog herkennen?
Foto: YouTube

Seventeen years ago, they conquered the world with their biggest hit ‘Mmmbop’ can today Isaac (35), Taylor (33) and Zac Hanson (30) still. A movie in which the three adult brothers bring a singing tribute to their favorite baseball team, is viewed pressure through social media.

The summer of 1997, the three long-haired poprockertjes Hanson with their first single ‘MMMBop’ tackle a world and also did many teen hearts beating faster. Today, the brothers are occasionally active in the music industry, and they do not sing next. They demonstrated last Friday at the Tulsa Drillers baseball stadium, where they the team from their hometown, singing a strike heartened. They spent a flawless version of the American national anthem with hand on chest. A movie of the ‘reunion’ has now been viewed nearly half a million times.

And for the rest? The guys have their hair clipped and focus primarily on their own beer company with a brand name as a nod to their past in showbiz: Mmmhops.

The three are now married and were repeatedly dad. Taylor married in 2002 with Natalie Anne Bryant. The couple has five children. Isaac in 2006 married Nicole Dufresne, a girl he met three years earlier at one of his performances Hanson. Together they have two sons and a daughter. The youngest Zac met his future Kate Tucker in 2000, quite by accident on the same night as his brother Taylor. He married two years ago with her. They have three children together.


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