By | March 15, 2016

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Sure, on March 17, you’ll be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by guzzling green beer and hitting up our Celtic bands playlist, but there’s more song you need to get in your life on Thursday: “MMMBop.”

I know what you’re thinking: Why do I need to listen to Hanson‘s debut single when I’m trying to get down with my Irish self? Well, on March 17, 1996, the three brothers first released “MMMBop” before it became a smash in 1997, and now we’re celebrating 20 years of the infectious pop song.

In 1996, the trio self-released an album, named after the legendary track. The track was rerecorded with help from The Dust Brothers for their major-label debut Middle of Nowhere the next year. Although that’s the version that we know and love today, you can still find the demo of “MMMBop” floating around the ‘Net, if you’re truly interested.

Watch our video above to learn more history about the epic song, and then, of course, LISTEN to this gem, below. Then check our interview with the grown-up guys, where they talk about AC/DC and beer.