HNET Newsletter Feb 26, 2016

By | February 27, 2016


Here at Hanson HQ we are really excited to turn up the volume at this year’s upcoming HANSON Day event. Tickets for the special events will be available starting Monday, so in the meantime don’t forget to Get Loud!


The HANSON Day announcement is coming on Monday!  The Planning is over and it’s almost time to share.  I feel like Paul Revere… HANSON Day is coming, HANSON Day is coming!  This week has been full. We have been working on designs, the Tulsa Guide, deciding on event titles and breaking out the paints to begin work on all the original artwork we will be creating for the HANSON Day gallery. Monday(February 29th) we will release all of it.

  • Guide to Tulsa
  • Lecture Tickets
  • MOEY Categories
  • Bowling Tournament Tickets
  • Karaoke Tickets
  • Dance Party Tickets
  • Fan Club Dinner Tickets
  • And More…

Remember all the main events  Concert, State Of The Band and Gallery are free to attend for Members, just go to the Calendar section of and hit the RSVP button on the HANSON Day event. All of the events will still be in downtown Tulsa just a few blocks walk from each other, but we will be trying out a new venue for the lectures, State Of The Band and Concert. Before you ask, yes The Hop Jam will be happening on Sunday May 22nd so make sure to take Monday off and stay through the weekend.  We are really excited to see all of you again at HANSON Day and can’t wait to share the music from the new 2016 EP

Isaac, Taylor and Zac