Hanson Twister: See how are the members of boy bands

By | February 23, 2016


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physical change and new professions marking the history of the musicians of these groups

There was a time when boy bands dominated the market with hits that were immortalized. They had just come out of adolescence and were already major international stars. But that period is behind us. Today, only the One Direction can repeat the fame of these bands that were so popular among the 80s and early 2000. And, as it should be, the members of these groups have changed a lot since then and some have even more work with music .
This, fortunately, is not the case of the brothers Hanson, who to this day are dedicated to the band that owns hits as MMMBop and Save Me. Although without the same success in the past, the group continued on active with regular tours and sporadic releases songs and albums. Together they are the parents of no less than nine children. Taylor Hanson, 32, is the father of five (Wilhelmina, Jordan, Viggo, Penelope and River). Isaac, 34, is the father of James and Clark. Zax, 29, is the father of John Ira and Junia
Success in the 90s, Hanson band resumes career in Brazil, “grow old like everyone else”

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