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By | January 29, 2016


This week Taylor shared an insiders look at the RNR Tour in a new blog on Check out the tour journal online now


The steel drum band plays as you lounge in a sun chair and watch the crystal clear waves roll in while sipping a piña colada with your toes in the white sand of a beautiful Jamaican beach. Yeah that is actually what we did at BTTI this year. Pretty much anytime we were not playing a show or doing an activity and who wouldn’t want to do that again.  It became official at the start of this week.  Back To The Island 2107 is happening next January in Jamaica.  It feels nice to have it announced so we can dispense with the pleasantries and simply enjoy the shared anticipation of another great year on the Island (insert piña colada here).

This week has been really full, but full is good: announcing Back To The Island, testing a brand new beer recipe, HANSON Day planning, recording a new Super Digital Pants song, Hop Jam planning and tracking on a new musical collaboration.  The ideal week is some combination of being surrounded by microphones and outboard gear writing music, in the brew house tasting a new beer recipe or getting our hands dirty creating a beautiful piece of art.  This week was pretty close to perfect.  With any luck we will have something new and delicious for those of you in the Oklahoma area to taste in just a matter of weeks and if all goes to plan something to set the musical mood as well.

Isaac, Taylor and Zac


Back To The Island Returns to Jamaica in 2017!

After an incredible event in Jamaica to start off 2016, we are thrilled to announce plans to do it all again, January 4th – 8th, 2017! We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from guests saying Back To The Island 2016 was the best ever, from the location in Jamaica to the amenities at the Jewel Paradise Cove, so we’re happy to announce we are planning to return, and we hope you will, too!

We plan to maintain all of the elements that everyone loved while continuing to add more fun for return Islanders, so no matter whether it’s your first or your fifth time to join us, it will be an incredible experience.

The presales for previous BTTI attendees will start Tuesday, Feb 2nd and the general onsale to all fan club members will begin Wednesday, Feb 10th.

The music will continue to feature a solo concert from each band member (something that only happens at Back To The Island) plus the main attraction, three HANSON concerts and BTTI 2017 attendees will be able to vote on the theme of EVERY HANSON Show! We will also have two special guest artists, which we will be announcing closer to the event.

Just like last year we will include special events hosted by each band member and rare gatherings like the dance party with Taylor as DJ, but we have a few additions as well. Firstly, “We’re All Gonna Dye”! Yes, the tie-dye event was one of the favorite activities again so this year all three band members will be joining the tie-dye sessions, which means more chances for a bit of the HANSON touch on your special BTTI event shirt. Secondly, Isaac and Zac are planning to host special party games which will allow everyone a chance to get involved in the festivities.

Continuing the tradition of honoring our loyal Islanders, a special discount will be offered to those that joined us in 2016 and early access to tickets for those that have made it to BTTI before. To find out about pricing, timing and all of the details for the 2017 event, click here.


The Valentine’s Day Collection includes New Adult and Kid Shirts, a Hat, Phone and Laptop cases and more.


Taylor Hanson’s photo journal for Paper Magazine continues with One For The Road, a look back at the Roots and Rock ‘n’ Roll Tour. It’s virtually impossible to capture it all, but hopefully this selection gives you a bit of a unique perspective on their circus of friends and troubadours through the lens of Taylor Hanson. Enjoy all the photos HERE.

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