Back To The Island: Trivia (Green Session) #BTTI2016

By | January 18, 2016


I only managed to get the trivia questions written down for the green session.  If anyone wrote them down for the red session or perhaps remembers any of the questions, please let me know and I will compile a post for those questions.  (Apologizes if these are not 100% correct, I’m having trouble reading my own handwriting!)

Finish the lyric “Distracted by…”

a) You as you start to undress
b) You slipping on your sun dress
c) You and your gentle caress
d) Your sexy little black dress

Which song uses modulation?
a) Heartbreaker
b) Time Baby Take It
c) Leave The Light On
d) None of the above

Which EP song would you find the lyrics “You won’t find me out there chasing the strays”
a) Up All Night
b) No Sleep For Banditos
c) Leave the Light On
d) Time Baby Take It

Head To Head
Which was a show Isaac was on?
a) Never mind the Buzzcocks
b) What Goes Around
c) Secret World
d) Not in my (?)

In which song would you find the lyric “I spelled Sigmund Freud in my Cheerios”
a) Romancing With a Robot
b) Golden Rule
c) My Mind is Exploding
d) Signs of Life

The words ‘Confidentiality Agreement’ are found in what song?
a) Golden Rule
b) White Collar Crime
c) Launch Time
d) None of the Above

Finish the lyric… “You’re making me smile, you’re making me try…”
a) to believe you and I could be together
b) and hope and wish we could be together
c) and dream of life together
d) and hope and dream that we could be together

Head to Head
What is the dog’s name in So Lovely?
(Sorry my friend was on stage for this one so I didn’t write the options down!)

Which song contains the lyrics “And when the chords start changing I know you’ll be by my side”
a) Show Me The Way
b) Roller Coaster Love
c) Dance Like You Don’t Care
d) Sound of Light

What symbol is used for Back to the Island?
a) Coconut
b) Hanskey
c) Pineapple
d) Isaac shirtless on the beach

What city hosted the first walk on the Roots & Rock N Roll Tour
a) Toronto
b) New York City
c) Quebec
d) Chicago

Head to Head
In 1997, what did Hanson perform on for contest winners?
a) Airplane
b) Ferry
c) Train
d) Elevator

In Solider, what did the ballerina have?
a) Sexy figure
b) Heart of gold
c) Beautiful eyes
d) one leg

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