Fan Blog Recap

By | December 6, 2015

A few R&R Tour blog posts from some fans with blogs!

Kelsey Diane posts about her favorite band and seeing the show in Toronto

My Favourite Band Part 1

My Favourite Band Part 2 – The Hanson Experience

ConcertKatie recaps her R&R tour experience

New York (Photos)

New Orleans (Photos)

Dallas (Photos)

Holly over at recaps her R&R tour stops:


New Orleans

Los Angeles

San Francisco

Arizona State Fair

And she also just did a great compare/contrast of MOE vs BTTI complete with a venn diagram for those of you who are trying to decide which one to go to:

Hanson Day vs Back to the Island

NextGenJen recaps the Toronto shows as well:

Hanson in Toronto – RNR Tour Night 1 

Hanson in Toronto – RNR Tour Night 2


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